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"Barry has worked on three mounts for me, everytime I walk by them I remember the stories (Yes, they do get better with time).  Skilled craftsmanship at fair prices.  Always been pleased with the results.  He’s honest, professional and a Patriot!  Highly recommend him!"
Troy Rall
Colby, KS

 "Barry has completed an elk and full body buffalo mount that are in my office.  His work is exceptional and I highly recommend his taxidermy skills"

Rex Jamison

Brewster, KS

"Barry of High Plains Taxidermy created a beautiful pheasant in flight for me.  His work was exquisite.  He shipped such an oddly shaped piece in a handmade, custom crate.  It arrived in perfect condition.  I couldn't have been happier with the piece or the process"

Sharon Cundiff

Austin, TX

"High Plains Taxidermy did a fantastic shoulder mount on my son's first deer!"

Ed Tappan

Santan Valley, AZ

"Barry provides quality professional work that looks great.  It's not always easy to find a good taxidermist but I give Barry a thumbs up and my highest recommendation."

Joe Schwarz

Colorado Springs, CO

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