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Always having a fascination with wildlife, hunting and fishing have been  an instrumental part of my life.  I have hunted upland game, small game, waterfowl, deer, antelope, turkey, elk, and African game.  I have pursued these animals with recurve bow, traditional muzzleloader, rifles and shotguns.

Fishing with my dad as a youngster, I have pursued this passion with spinning reels, bait reels, and fly rods.  I grew up on a Zebco 33 reel fishing in the Ozarks and getting bait from a sleepy little town called Branson, MO.......much different now.  Crappie, bass, walleye mostly and later brown trout and rainbows.  Channel Cats caught under corks and from bank lines along the creeks.  I grew up on Harold Ensley and the "Sportsman's Friend" TV show.

I also grew up on Fred Bear and archery has been a passion since I was about 8 years old.  Fred Bear and Bear Archery were a driving force in my pursuit of archery and all of my bowhunting was done with a Bear Super Kodiak in 50#.  I have killed deer in Kansas and a Springbuck in South Africa with that same bow, using Muzzy fixed broadheads.  I promote the National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP), having been a Basic Archery Instructor Trainer since 2008, and enjoy engaging youngsters in archery through workshops with our Kansas Department of Wildlife & Parks, scouts, and churches.

Trained my first lab in 1983 and have hunted pheasants with one ever since.  I can't imagine hunting without one anymore.....dogs add a whole new dimension to the hunting experience. I've raised, trained, hunted, and laid to rest (3) labs in my hunting career.   My current lab, Sheba, will be 6 years old in February, 2022.  Training your own dog and seeing their first "live" retrieve has been an unmatched thrill for me.

Taxidermy falls into place with the whole hunting and fishing experience.  Hunting and fishing are about doing something you enjoy and creating memories.....taxidermy helps memorialize them den is full of these memories...I'd like to help you keep yours permanently too!

Blue Wildebeast South Africa 2010

Africa Pictures 047.jpg

Springbuck South Africa 2010

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