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"Hunting Lab Memories"
Jep less than 1 year old 1st Retrieve No

Jep, 1st retrieve at less than 1 year old, November 1983...Good Girl!

Odie 9 years old 12232014.jpg

Odie, 9 years old, 12232014

Sheba Jan 11 2018.JPG

Sheba, Jan 11, 2018, 2 year old

Jackie at 11 years old Nov 2005.jpg

Jackie, 11 years old, November 2005


Sheba, in training, April, 2016 at 9 weeks

Glenn Odie Sheba.jpg

My son, Glenn, Odie, Sheba,  November,2019

Sheba 11172019.jpg
Sheba, November, 2019
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