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High Plains Taxidermy is a service which captures the "Call of the Wild" by preserving the memories of a hunting or fishing expedition, a youngster's first fish, pheasant, or deer. We have been creating wildlife art since 1967, and received our formal training and certification from the Colorado Institute of Taxidermy, Canon City, Colorado. At High Plains Taxidermy we have a passion for wildlife and will do our best to preserve your memory, to your satisfaction, for a lifetime!

"Your son or daughter will harvest bigger game and fish in their lifetimes, but none will ever compete with the thrill or memories captured by that first mount...Good Hunting!"....Barry Kaaz,March 2022

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African Trophy    Room
Fighting Bucks 1.JPG
Deer/Elk Game Room
Fish Game Room
Pheasant Group.jpg
Bird Game Room

African Game Room includes trophies taken in South Africa and Namibia.

Game Room includes deer, elk, and antelope taken in Kansas and Colorado, both Whitetails and Muleys.

Bear/Rug Game Room
Cat Game Room

Fish Game Room includes a variety of trophies of wiper, saugeye, trout, walleye.

Field Care

The Bird Game Room includes pheasant, quail, turkey, ducks, geese, and prairie chicken.

Mount Lab and Pheasant.jpg
Price List

Bear Trophy Room includes bears from Colorado and Canada.

Cat Room includes bobcats and mountain lion taken in Kansas and Colorado.

Field Care provides a diagram for proper cuts on the cape for a shoulder mount.

Current as of April 1, 2022.

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