Kansas Concealed Carry Handgun Training

We will be offering Kansas CCH on Saturday, October 10, 2020....please note details on the flyer to the right.  CCH was first offered in 2007 in Kansas and underwent numerous monthly changes as it all became law.  I began instruction at the inception while teaching at Colby Community College......we offered numerous workshops at CCC through the years.

In July, 2015, Kansas no longer required a permit to carry concealed.  However, a CCH License is required to carry concealed in reciprocal


The most significant reason for taking the training is to understand the criminal and civil problems associated with carrying and potentially using a firearm.  You must also be aware of the safe storage requirements which, if not done properly, could  result in criminal and/or civil charges.  How much penetration does your firearm have?  Can it shoot through a wall and harm an innocent on the other side?  You need to be aware of your firearms capabilities.  Firearms can be safely carried and used.....but you need to ensure you know how....this training will provide that.